2019 Fall Schedule is here !

CLICK HERE to print the schedule.

Captains Meeting - Tuesday, July 30th

Not much has changed from last year. We will stay with the Single Elimination Tournament Playoff bracket.  Top 4 teams from each night will be ranked. Top 8 will receive first round bye.  1st round is best of 3 and then best of 5 for the remainder of the matches.

We will continue to have Inter-League for the Fall Schedule going forward.

If your evening of bocce is cancelled due to inclement weather, you must make up the matches within 2 weeks of the scheduled match.  There are sheets of paper in the BOOK for you to use to schedule your games.

We have a group of volunteers that wish to help out.  They signed up at the Captains meeting, but if you wish to join our group, email conshybocce@gmail.com and you will be added.


We would like to welcome 5 new teams to the league.  Sunday night we have  The New Guys, Good Fellas, Taking Shots, New Kids on the Bocce and Bottoms Up.