Things you should know........

Many of the representative have the same questions posed to them on a regular basis.  I am trying to answer all those questions here on this page.  If you do have a question and you do not see it answered here, please email me at info@conshohockenbocceleague.com and I will do my best to answer it.  (Answers here can be over-riden by the CBL Commissioner or CBC Officers at any time)

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Rain Outs

QUESTION:  It's raining at my house, does that mean that Bocce games are cancelled for the night?

ANSWER:  No.  Rainouts are called at the Courts.  If it is raining at the time of the start of the game, and the courts are in bad condition (playing bocce will damage the courts or there is too much water on the courts) it is the CBL Commissioner or Night Reps. responsibility to call the games.  The commissioner or Night Rep. may cancel all games or just the 6:30 or 8:00 games.  All teams (at least 3 players) must be at the courts at the time of the game. If your team (at least 3 players) are not at the courts at the time of the start of the game and the game is played, you will be charged a forfeit.  Do not assume the game is rained out if it is raining at your house. All rainout games must be made up in the InterLeague Schedule.

Re-Scheduled Games

QUESTION:  My team is all going on vacation the same week and we don't have enough players to play a game. What do I do?

ANSWER:  Although we don't like it when a game has to be re-scheduled, there are some circumstances that it must be done. You must first notify the Commissioner or your Night Rep. prior to the start of the scheduled game.  If you do not communicate this to the commissioner or Night Rep. prior to the start of the game, and your opponents arrive at the courts, you will be charged a forfeit and the other team will receive a win. REMEMBER: 2 forfeits and your team may be expelled from the league (See League Rules & Regulations). The Commissioner will do all he can do to help you, but you must communicate with him.

Re-Scheduling of games is not permitted in the Conshohocken Bocce League. See Rules & Regulations.  There may be extreme cases where a game must be re-scheduled.  It is up to the Commissioner or Night Rep if a game can be re-scheduled. These cases must be brought to the attention of the Commissioner or Night Rep prior to the start of the game. It must be agreed (prior to the time of the scheduled game)  that both captains will play this game at another time and must be re-scheduled with the Commissioner/Night Rep. This is only a courtesy extended to teams in extreme cases. Only the Commissioner or Night Rep can authorize a re-scheduling of games. It is solely at his/her discretion.


We encourage teams to bring food to the Bocce Courts.  We have provided a grill for your use and have also provided utensils in the kitchen.  So bring your favorite dish and have dinner at the Bocce Courts. Many teams share their food making for some amazing buffets. Although you are not obligated to do so. It's amazing how a few hot dogs on the grill can create such a commaraderie between opposing teams.   Mangia ! Mangia!

Friday evenings the CBC has dinner so we want to do all we can to patronize the club. So have dinner at the club, it has been a tradition for generations.


Alcohol is served in the CBC Club to anyone who is a member and over the age of 21. These rules are strictly enforced for the protection of our patrons and our club.  No alcohol is permitted on the premises unless it is purchased at the CBC Club. You will need to produce your current CBC membership card to be served.

 Please respect the club and each other.

Court Ettiquette

These courts were constructed for the enjoyment of all members of the CBC Club.  Please take care of the property.  If there is a game being played on the courts, please refrain from walking up and down the sides of the courts. Although it is permitted by the spectators, it does disturb some players.  People are designated to pick up trash, empty cigarette receptacles, fill the propane and groom the courts.  But if you see something that needs to be cleaned up and thrown away, please help out.  We receive many complimentary remarks about how nice our courts are and that is because everyone helps out. So keep it going.

NO EXCESSIVE HECKLING.  Of course, we have fun heckling our teams. It's part of our charm.  But please, NO CURSING ! ! !  We have a lot of children that come to our courts to see their parents or friends play bocce and we don't need this behavior. We won't put up with it, you will be reminded if someone is offended. If it continues, you will be asked to leave the courts.

We have created a nice atmosphere at the CBC Bocce Court and that is because of you.  Keep it up! !   You are doing a great job and you are having fun doing it.

Rules and Regulations

Please see the Rule & Regulations posted at the Bocce Courts and also on this website. Rules & Regulations   All referees enforce all the rules. Their ruling is final. If you feel that a ruling by the referee was not in line with the Rules and Regulations of the CBL, Please notify the Bocce Commissioner as soon as possible.  The Night Representative is on the courts during the nights games. He/She will do their best to resolve any disputes.  We are all trying to be as fair as possible and most discrepancies are resolved, please be patient and calm, we will resolve it ! !  Please respect each other and act accordingly. 

Make Up Games

QUESTION:  How do I schedule a game that was postponed by inclement weather?

ANSWER:  At the time of the scheduled game that is called because of inclement weather, it can be schedule at that time. What better time than while all the captains are present. If a captain is not present, the opposing team will incur a win and therefore no need to re-schedule that game.  If the games are cancelled prior to arrival at the courts, games must be played within 2 weeks of the original scheduled game.  Please communicate the make up date with the commissioner.